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You Should Know These Simple Ways To Clean Your Carpet

Hold the carpet on the floor, then suck or remove the dust by using a vacuum cleaner machine. We recommend that you use a wet & dry type vacuum cleaner so that it can be used to suck up dust and at the same time can be used to suck up water. Meanwhile, if you don’t have the time to clean your carpet by yourself, you can hire the best www.carpetcleaningsydney.co to help you wash it professionally.

After the dust is gone, hang the carpet on a clothesline made of bamboo or iron pipes and spread it, or you can also keep it held on the floor.

Use cold water to spray the carpet. You may also use a pressurized sprayer for the better result, like the one used for washing cars or motorbikes, so that the dirt and dust can be maximally removed.

Next use soap or detergent which is usually used to wash clothes. But if you want to use carpet shampoo, it also doesn’t hurt.
Brush with hands or brush gently stroked on the dirty part of the carpet. Don’t brush too hard so the fur doesn’t fall out.
After cleaning, rinse with a spray that is not hard (soft), and you should let the water so it carries the dirt from the carpet. Repeat this rinsing, until the carpet is clean of soap and dirt. Give it some softener with enough cold water, as much as you need.

Dry the carpet by hanging in the wind in the spot which is not directly touched by the sunlight so that the carpet hair is not rough, but the air circulation is pretty good so the carpet won’t become smelly.

After the carpet is dry sprinkle with baking soda if you want to remove the bad smell while absorbing moisture. Leave a few moments then clean the remnants of the soda by vacuuming the cleaner until it is clean.

Revive the feathers (if necessary) by brushing them with a soft plastic hand brush.

Roll or fold the carpet according to the standard set, then put it in a plastic bag to prevent it from getting dirty. Spray perfume (if necessary), before the plastic wrap is closed.

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