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Know These Things Before You Install AC!

The extreme weather changes these days seem to be enough to make many people nervous. The heat of the piercing outdoor air is sometimes carried into the room. This makes AC the most powerful weapon to overcome it. You must get aircon servicing when you need AC installation, repair, or aircon servicing singapore.

Currently, AC is indeed one of the electronic devices as well as household devices whose presence becomes very mandatory. If you are planning to install air conditioners at home, or in the office, there are a number of things you need to know before and when installing an air conditioner.

Before you buy an air conditioner, you must know the width of the room where the air conditioner will be installed. Why is this important? Knowing the area of ​​the room will help to find out how much AC PK size you need so that the air conditioner produced will be more optimal, the AC unit will last longer and the electricity costs will be more economical.

If you have found an air conditioner with a PK size that matches the area of ​​the room to be installed by the AC, ask the help of a professional technician to install the air conditioner. This is very important, if one installs an AC, the AC will not work optimally.

Another thing that must be considered and adjusted is the size of the thickness of the AC pipe with the type of freon used. This is intended to avoid problems with air conditioners such as AC is less cold and the AC is leaking. For air conditioners that have R410/32 freon, they must use pipes with a thickness above 0.7mm.

The last thing that is no less important when installing an AC is to do vacuum. In accordance with the AC installation’s Standard Operating Procedure (SOP), technicians are required to carry out vacuum on the AC whose duration is adjusted to the length of the AC pipe used. This is emphasized because it can affect the performance of the air conditioner and the durability of the compressor.