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The Guides In Selecting The Condo Unit

Perhaps, you have so many reasons why you finally determine to choose South Avenue Residence. Regarding the condo development that you will choose, there are so many things to keep in mind, such as:

A condition of the unit

When you are in line with the floor position and direction of the unit, take the time to visit to see the unit. Make the moment of the visit an opportunity to carefully check the condition of the unit. You can check the overall condition of walls, ceilings, floors, sewers, and so on. If you find a part that is damaged and needs to be repaired, then immediately talk with the owner or property agent who accompanied your visit. If you want to buy the unit of South Avenue Residence, then you must check the overall unit condo condition.

Price and payment method

Of the various elements that can, you can consider in the process of choosing the condo unit described above, don’t forget the most important factor, namely price. If you have found an apartment unit that fits your heart, but the selling price or rent is too expensive, then you should switch to looking for other, more friendly units in your pocket. Likewise with the payment method, if you feel that paying on cash feels burdensome, you can ask if there are other payment methods such as installments? In simple words, you can ask how many payment methods the South Avenue Residence developer offers.

Investment Prospects

If you are going to buy condo that is still under construction for investment purposes, choose the condo that is built by a well-known developer and a quality product. Don’t forget also to ask the developer, what is the potential for capital gains and the rental yield of the condo unit that is your target. The numbers obtained can be a shadow of the calculation of the profits you will receive from renting out the condo units. For investment, we recommend that you buy a condo located near universities, offices, and malls, Avenue South Residence for instance.

The condos that are located near the three centers of the crowd will certainly make the price skyrocket and never be lonely from the tenants.